InfoSeek 2.9

advanced Internet search tool
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InfoSeek - the advanced search tool for directional infomation, is designed to extract customized information (such as email address, phone/fax number, Zip code etc.) from web-pages on the Internet (using HTTP protocols) and from files on local disks.

Most programs only search email addresses generally because their search patterns are firm, or only defined in a very limited range. It is known to all that email's pattern is "name@domain". If the pattern is changed to "name&domain", it is impossible for them to process the customized pattern again. But you can do it easily in InfoSeek, because patterns are definable here. With Normal Expression or more advanced Regular Expression supplied by InfoSeek, given patterns can be made to search for almost arbitrary information. The workbench is a free e-mail/email address extractor like 1.4 email extractor lite. It is not only an email extractor software, but a fax extractor (fax number extractor) and a link url extractor. You can extract or find any info with it.
Features include:
InfoSeek is feature-rich, main features are as follows
Pattern Customization - Search for most information with customized partterns (not only email). Universal patterns are also built in for use directly.
Keyword Search - Combined close with search eagines. All kinds of customized information can be searched for with keywords.
Logon Search - Search websites that need to log on.
Multi-task, Multi-thread - Fast multi-tasked and multi-threaded engine. It is able of running various jobs (and pages of each job) simultaneously.
Ability to categorize results - Categorize search results to three types: good, bad and iffy. Another type for deleting items immediately is also supplied. Duplicate items are removed automatically.
Ability to convert results - Do string replacement, case conversion and sort for search results.
Ability to match results - Match search results against predefined targets to help identifying mistaken items.
Flexible and multiform import and export - Many ways are usable to import search pages and export search results.
Manual Search - A built-in workbench for manual searches - it is WYSWYG and free.
Multi-language support and more.

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